Coronavirus Update

Dear Member

The purpose of this message is to update you on the current status at Eastcote Cricket Club with regard to the Coronavirus.

With regard to our cricket season, the ECB have sent an email today advising that all recreational cricket is suspended for the time being, which will mean a delayed start to the season, and to the colts, please be aware that we are unable to second guess the start of the season, but will keep everyone informed as, and when, information is relayed to us.  We understand that this will have a great impact on us as a club; and ask that you bear with us whilst we work out the logistics of this directive.

For your reading a copy of the information sent by the ECB is also attached.

At present our aim is for the bar to remain open whilst we have people able to run it.   This will also be based on advice and direction from the Government. However to help with expenditure and costs, there are new hours for the bar opening during this time which will take effect from this weekend. 

  • Monday to Thursday 5pm to 8pm:Friday 5pm to 10pm
  • Saturday 4pm to 10pm:Sunday 1pm to 7pm

On a day to day basis we are doing everything we can to protect our members, we have upgraded our cleaning, provided hand sanitizer in the lounge area, and will continue to do so as long as it is available from our supplier.  We will also ensure that soap, and hand towels, for those who do not like to use the hand dryers are available in all the toilets, again we are at the mercy of availability.  We ask all members using the club to follow the guidelines regarding handwashing, anything we can do to keep this virus out of the club is welcomed.

Any of our members with the slightest of symptoms should not attend the club until the symptoms are no longer, currently we are aware of two of our members who are in self isolation. Should we be informed of other members in the same position or with confirmation of the virus, we will inform you to enable you to make your own decision whether or not to use the club.

We thank you for your ongoing support in these unprecedented times, updates will be made on a weekly basis so please check the website and your emails regularly to remain updated on any changes that may take place.

Please see below message from the ECB reference recreational cricket,.


Dear all,

I write to update you all regarding the status of recreational cricket.

Following the Government’s latest advice around social distancing, it is with sadness and reluctance that we recommend that all forms of recreational cricket are for now suspended.

This extends to training, pre-season friendlies and any associated cricket activity. We have shared the following communication with Clubs and Leagues today:

Sport plays an absolutely vital role in the nation’s mental and physical wellbeing, and it helps people find meaning where there is fear and uncertainty, so one of our goals in the coming weeks will be to explore ways that we can support some levels of physical activity in communities - particularly at junior levels.

It will be critical that any decisions we do make are medically-led.  We will continue to work with Government and their advisors and our brilliant people to ensure we are properly informed in our decision-making. 

Using our cricket community to support others could be one of the most important services we can offer during the difficult weeks and months which lie ahead.  Over the coming weeks we will work with the game to understand what support is required across the cricket community, particularly in local clubs and leagues – who will have such a huge role to play in our nation’s response to coming out of this situation. 

Let’s look forward to that moment when we start to see children and players from across the game, playing cricket again – hopefully that moment is not too far away. 

Please continue to stay close to us over this exceptionally difficult time. 

Best wishes,


Eastcote CC News story

ECC Tour of Amsterdam. 3-7 August 2020.

20 Feb 2020

The ECC tour to Amsterdam this summer is gathering pace. The flights and hotel are booked and we have 3 cricket matches arranged including the big game against Amsterdam CC for the ‘Lou Woudstra Trophy’ which we will hope to be bringing back to Eastcote for the first time in nearly 20 years.
The playing squad will be selected from our talented group of 18-25 year olds. 
As such, most of this group are still in education at school or university or just starting out in employment. 
We are planning on holding some fund raising events at the club during the early part of the season to help with the tour costs.
One idea is holding an auction, and we are therefore looking for people to donate any sports memorabilia or other items that we could put up for auction to raise funds.
It would be also be great if we can also secure some sponsorship for parts/all of the tour. 
Any other fund raising ideas or if you would just like to donate a small amount towards the tour costs will be greatly appreciated.

If you are able to donate something for auction or are interested in sponsoring the tour or have any questions then feel free to contact Jason Travers on 07740286134 
or via email at;

If you are interested on coming on the tour as either a player or supporter then also contact Jason as soon as possible, as places are filling up fast.


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