Neil Stevens (aka Stanley) is looking into the possibility of ordering ECC sleeveless cable knit sweaters which will be priced at £67 including VAT. Prices are due to increase next month so we will need to get our order in by 30 November latest. If you would like a sweater for next season please advise Stanley via email ( complete with size (S,M or L). If there is sufficient interest he will place an order once in receipt of funds from everyone.

Eastcote CC Sunday 1st Team Fixtures - 2022 Season

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Sun 17 Apr 2022 London Challengers CC Sunday 1st XI(H) Home12:00Friendly Won Tied game won on loss-of-wickets countback
Mon 18 Apr 2022 Acton CC 1st team(H) Home12:30 pmFriendly Lost BY 3 wickets
Sun 24 Apr 2022 Southall Dragons 1st Team(H) Home12.30 pmFriendly Won By 144 runs (with 13.2 overs to spare)
Sun 01 May 2022 Harrowdene CC 1st Team(H) Home1:00 pmFriendly Lost By 4 wickets
Mon 02 May 2022 Northwood CC (A) Away1pmFriendly
Sun 08 May 2022 Old Citizens CC(H) Home1pmFriendly Won By 142 runs (with 8 balls to spare)
Sun 22 May 2022 Rusilip CC 1st Team(H) Home (12 noon meet at home)1 pmFriendly Won By 5 wickets (with 5.2 overs to spare)
Sun 05 Jun 2022 Amersham CC 1st team(A) Away (Meet 12 noon sharp direct at away ground)1pmLeague Abandoned In the morning due rain nd unplayable conditions
Sun 12 Jun 2022 Cup / TBC(H) Home1pmFriendly
Sun 12 Jun 2022 Binfield CC 1st Team(A) Away (Binfield Cricket Club, Forest Road, Binfield RG42 4DU)2 pm Friendly Won By 158 runs (with 5 overs to spare).
Sun 19 Jun 2022 Hemel Hempstead(H) Home (12 noon sharp meet)1pmLeague Lost by 9 wickets
Sun 26 Jun 2022 Wraysbury CC 1st XI(H) Home (On the hill 12 pm meet)1 pmFriendly Lost by 1 wickets
Sun 03 Jul 2022 Stage(H) Home (12 noon meet at home)1pmFriendly Lost by 2 wickets with 6 balls to spare in a time game thriller.
Sun 10 Jul 2022 Headstone Manor(A) Away (12 noon Meet at away venue direct)1pmLeague Lost
Sun 17 Jul 2022 South Hampstead(H) Home1pmLeague Lost by 10 wickets
Sun 24 Jul 2022 Holtwhites Trinibis(A) Away (12 noon meet direct at away ground)1pmLeague Lost Lost by 59 runs.
Sun 31 Jul 2022 London Maccabi Vale(H) Home (12 noon meet at home)1pmLeague Lost By 46 runs
Sun 07 Aug 2022 HJMCC(H) Home1pmFriendly Lost By 109 runs (with 1 over to spare)
Sun 14 Aug 2022 Brondesbury(A) Away (11:45 am meet direct at away ground)1pmLeague Lost By 9 wickets
Sun 21 Aug 2022 Harrow Town 1st Team(H) Home (12 noon meet at home)1pmLeague Lost By 7 wickets
Mon 29 Aug 2022 Gowers (UCS)(H) Home (12 noon meet at home)1pmLeague Won by 4 wickets (with 15.1 overs to spare)
Sun 04 Sep 2022 Rotten Livers CC(H) Home (12 noon meet at home.)1 pmFriendly
Sat 10 Sep 2022 Watford Town CC 1st Team(A) Away (11:30 am meet direct at away ground)12:30 pmFriendly
Sun 11 Sep 2022 Fives CC 1st XI(H) Home (11 am meet at home.)12pmFriendly
Sat 17 Sep 2022 Fulmer CC 1st team(H) Home (11 am meet at home)12 noonFriendly
Sun 18 Sep 2022 Ruislip CC 1st Team(H) Home (11 am meet time at home)12pmFriendly Won by 13
Sat 24 Sep 2022 TBC(A) Away11:30 amFriendly
Sun 25 Sep 2022 TBC(A) Away11:30 amFriendly
Sat 01 Oct 2022 TBC(A) Away11 amFriendly
Sun 02 Oct 2022 TBC(A) Away11 amFriendly