Fundraising for both the NHS & ECC

Current 1st XI cricketer Jehan Jeffrie (JJ) has set up a Just giving page for us to try raise some money for the NHS and the Club. The challenge for all of us is to contribute using or daily exercise slot to get to the North Pole. This is approximately 10,000km and we’re trying to complete this before the June 4th! To donate go here:

To track this let's all use Strava, free app that we can all download and use. I have set up a club so we can track top performers and the total distance we have all done over the period! Join using the link here: We can walk, Run or cycle to achieve the goal (f we are doing well we can adjust the target to get back from the North Pole). 

Will need as many of you as possible to achieve our goal! With 50 of us it would require 6.5km on average a day! So get your running shoes on, get your bikes out, remember every little helps! 

If you’ve got any questions let me know, happy to help get you set up on Strava as well. Hopefully we can all join in get fit and do our bit for the NHS/Club.




P.S don’t forget to share on social media and with friends and family!

Eastcote CC Saturday 4th Team squad

Saturday 4th Team

Captain : William Bramble

RH Batsman

RH Bowler

Vice Captain : Chris Ede

Coach : Olly Harvey

Arvind Joshi

Very competitive...want to win the lot.

Its not about "age"....its more about "mileage"

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Riyan Lakhani
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