Eastcote CC News story

NEW!: Sports and Social Evening - starting 8pm on Friday the 27th of September

22 Sep 2019

Starting this Friday, Eastcote CC will be hosting a Sports and Social evening where the following will be on offer at the club

  • Table Tennis
  • Pool (with fee waived)
  • Darts
  • Bar
  • Lively music
  • Spicy Mutton Rolls (and potentially other snacks)


It is for the beginner, the expert, the exhibitionist, the spectator and for the non-committed. It is a social evening designed for you, the member. Why don’t you come along and help evolve it to be the evening you want it to be?


For those feeling competitive, we hope to hold a competition in due course to identify the Super Champion among the sports available. Now that is going to be some spectacle indeed!


Potential dates scheduled for the Sports and Social