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Fantasy Cricket

06 May 2022

*Fantasy Cricket is Back*


If you created a team last season, just login at https://eastcote.fantasyclubcricket.co.uk and select an XI. Takes less than 5 minutes.


If this is your first season, you will need to create a new account. Just need to register an email address. Select 11 Eastcote players to score you points, only applies to the 4 Saturday XI's in their League games.


£10 to enter -> details to follow.

£5 to the club.

£5 to the prize fund.


Any questions hit me up.


Phil Smith



*Last Season's Top 5*

1st- James Hudson

2nd - Olly Harvey

3rd- Rohit Venkateshan

4th- Stefan Saleem

5th- Jason Travers