Eastcote CC News story

Bar Prices

21 Jul 2022

We continue to review bar prices to ensure they remain good value but also provide a good income for the club. During the Covid period we tried to avoid increases during this difficult time. This lead to the 7% increase we applied at the beginning of the season.
Historically the club has always aimed to obtain a gross profit on the bar (i.e. before wages and other costs) of 50%. By using this it should mean that our prices remain constantly cheaper than your usual pub and give a constant reasonable income to the club. The figures are in the annual account for all to see.
Despite the recent increase, we are still below the 50% and should really increase by a further 5%. The finance committee have decided to delay this increase probably until March, so as to keep our prices as low as possible. With inflation at high levels, we do expect more increases from the brewery, and if this happens before March we will probably need to pass these on. If we hold off to March with inflation currently at over 9%, a double-digit increase may be needed. 
Our prices remain well below those charged in most pubs, so please continue to make use of the club and bar. We are open every evening and from lunchtime at weekends.