Neil Stevens (aka Stanley) is looking into the possibility of ordering ECC sleeveless cable knit sweaters which will be priced at £67 including VAT. Prices are due to increase next month so we will need to get our order in by 30 November latest. If you would like a sweater for next season please advise Stanley via email ( complete with size (S,M or L). If there is sufficient interest he will place an order once in receipt of funds from everyone.

Eastcote CC News story

England v Pakistan T20 Final Sunday 13th November

11 Nov 2022

Good morning everyone

The England T20 team have made it through to the final on Sunday 13th November when they

will be playing against Pakistan, the match starts at 8am, early I know, but why not come to the 

club and watch it on the big screen, it is sure to be an exciting match with both teams giving 

their all to win.

You will also be able to grab a bacon or egg roll for £2 and either a tea or coffee

Hope to see you on Sunday

Take care